Retailing Consultants

Our passion is to help small and mid-size companies build a long term relationship with Walmart and Sam's Club. 



What we do

How We Select Clients

We only work with a select group of clients at any one time. This allows us to provide the focus and attention that each supplier needs to make their products successful in Walmart and Sam's Club.

Our Process

Each client can expect an Executive Business review semi-annually providing insights on business metric including: Sales, In Stocks, Forecasting performance, along with a competitive analysis within each department. We also communicate weekly via phone and electronic reporting that includes: Ships, Sales, Store level in stocks, New Item Tracking, and Walmart internal reporting metrics. 

Unparalleled Experience

Each team member has 15+ years of specific Walmart experience and classically trained Fortune 500 credentials. Our goal is to always provide a personalized sales approach for each client. Our clients are supported with a cross-functional team, while still allowing for one point of contact that manages the entire business process from the start.

Services Offered

  • Headquarter Sales Representation
  • Retail Link Business Analysis
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Logistics and Forecasting
  • Deductions and Chargebacks
  • Consumer Research and Focus Groups
  • Buyer Appointment
  • OTIF

Selling to Walmart

Trying to figure out how to sell to Walmart and Sam's Club? Our passion is to support small suppliers already in Walmart and Sam's Club to grow their business to the fullest while maximizing their potential, in addition to helping companies that are trying to get new products into Walmart and Sam's Club.

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Adhoc Retail Link Support
Forecasting Adjustments
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