• Best Practices
    Sales & Marketing
  • Long Term Success
    Is understanding people, product, and process
  • We represent companies to Walmart and Sam's Club
    with a holistic approach to your business
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A Professional/Personal Touch

Each cross functional team member has 15+ years of specific Walmart experience and classically trained Fortune 500 credentials. As your Walmart or Sams Club Rep, we provide one point of contact that minimizes your workload and maximizes your ability to focus on your total business. 



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Who we partner with

We represent aggressive companies to major retailers, like Walmart and Sam's Club, that provide quality products and expect exceptional sales and profits.

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What We Do

We work with small suppliers that have a shared passion of getting products into national retailers and growing the current base of business.

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How We Work

We partner with only a small, select group of clients at one time. This allows us to provide the focus and attention each Supplier needs to ensure success at Walmart and Sam’s Club.

Our Clients


You took us on as a client when we had no distribution at Walmart.  Now we have 15 skus and growing!

John First Aid Company

Getting us in to Walmart... in 3 categories in 18 months.  WOW!

Matt Sporting Goods Company

You helped us get an appt at Walmart.  Onboard, paperwork, logistics, 3 items in distribution, and ship in 6 months.  We couldn't have done it without you!

Heather Dry Grocery Company

Your team truly cares about our business and our people.  Thanks!

Sean Health & Beauty Company
We provide the focus and attention each supplier needs to make their products successful. Contact Us