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Your Sales Representative Solution for Selling to Walmart & Sam's Club


Many products are presented each year and only a small percentage of those make it to the Walmart shelves. Once a business makes it through the selection process, they are faced with the challenge of scaling their business to support this new customer. Planning and forecasting are critical to the success of this new Supplier partnership.


Our success rate for getting a client into Walmart is 3x the industry average. How do we achieve this kind of success? Every corporate culture has its own language and priorities. We are fluent in Walmart and Sam’s Club corporate speak. We understand the criteria used to determine who will gain entrance to their stores. The typical Walmart presentation is 30 minutes. We’ve developed a proprietary template that helps a company maximize their selling time with Walmart.


From the moment the Buyer says yes, we provide a turn key onboarding process to support any size business. Our experience navigating this process proves to be invaluable to ensure that you meet all deliverables promptly and demonstrate your ability to execute to Walmart.


Amber Walker has experience working with consumer packaged goods companies for 15 years. After receiving her degree in Logistics from the University of Arkansas, she began her career at Walmart as a Logistics Manager. She increased her skill set moving to Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods companies including, Unilever/Slim Fast Foods Brands. Most recently, Amber has broadened her knowledge base with DSD products with Dr Pepper as a National Executive, coordinated 800+ planograms and 50+ field members, and alignment with DSD bottling system nationally.
Scott Walker has 20 years of progressive experience with consumer packaged goods companies. These companies include: Revlon, Maybelline, Alberto Culver, Oxy Clean and Coppertone.

As past Team Leader, he has had plenty of success dealing with $100+ million accounts and has always placed an emphasis on building successful teams to manage a rapidly changing business. As part of his vision for Best Practices, Scott places specific focus on every partner to maximize sales and profits.


You took us on as a client when we had no distribution at Walmart.  Now we have 15 skus and growing!

John First Aid Company

Getting us in to Walmart... in 3 categories in 18 months.  WOW!

Matt Sporting Goods Company

You helped us get an appt at Walmart.  Onboard, paperwork, logistics, 3 items in distribution, and ship in 6 months.  We couldn't have done it without you!

Heather Dry Grocery Company

Your team truly cares about our business and our people.  Thanks!

Sean Health & Beauty Company
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